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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Spring 2010

Chemical Engineering On My Mind

Welcome to the Spring 2010 issue of ChE Impact magazine. This time we explore risk taking and its implications. You can read more about how chemical engineers handle this subject, from one of our alumni who made a successful career by seeing the opportunities beyond the risk.

In Fall 2009, we were fortunate to attract three new assistant professors: Raj Chakrabarti (PhD ’02, Princeton), Yue Wu (PhD ’06, Harvard), and Chongli Yuan (PhD ’07, Cornell). These new faculty members bring excitement, new energy, innovative ideas, and promising talent to our school.

This year, we received several new, multi-year, major research and education grants. Starting with July 2009, Purdue ChE faculty members are lead principal investigators for eight major federal research grants, ranging from $650,000 to $6.1 million. In addition, Purdue ChE faculty members are co-principal investigators in two other major federal grants, one for $3 million and the other for $22.2 million. These grants will continue our trajectory as leaders in fields important to society, such as solar energy, electric batteries, biofuels, and pharmaceutical engineering.

Last September, our school hosted the Chemical Engineering of the Future Symposium. Our faculty, staff, and students were honored to host more than 25 academic leaders of U.S. ChE programs, numerous industry representatives including the school’s Industrial Advisory Council, and the School of ChE Ambassadors. The presented issues generated creative debate and inspired researchers, educators, and industrial leaders to consider novel approaches to solving current and long-term challenges facing society. We were honored to host such a diverse, vibrant, and refreshing meeting of the minds. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we thank all participants for contributing to the success of this symposium. — Hail Purdue!

Arvind Varma R.
R. Games Slayter Distinguished Professor and Head

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