Money Matters

Established by the Kasler Family Foundation, this scholarship helps out-of-state students achieve their CEM dreams.

Anyone engaged in the battle of the budget knows just how hard it can be to finance an education these days. And for Israel Lopez, a senior in construction engineering and management, a well-timed scholarship can be a real lifesaver. Not to mention the chance to leave school relatively debt free. Lopez is the most recent recipient of the Kasler Scholarship, a $10,000 award established to ease the financial pain of an out-of-state student with good grades.

With a current 3.98 grade point average, Lopez, an Illinois native, earned the Kasler Scholarship by excelling in the classroom. “The scholarship has definitely helped me cover the costs of my education,” says Lopez who worked three summer internships for Turner Construction in Chicago. “It’s a huge help to receive scholarships like these as it allows me to focus on my education rather than the expense of it.”

If you’re interested in establishing a scholarship or learning more about gift-giving opportunities within the CEM program, contact Madonna Wilson, director of development, at, or (765) 494-6490.

- W.M.