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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Summer 2007

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Engineering in 360 Degrees
January 25, 2007
Engineering used to be all about technical skill. By the 1980s there came calls to include professional competency in the well-rounded engineer's skill set. Now in the spotlight: a third dimension, global competency. How can Purdue educate engineers to work with people who define problems differently from themselves?
Volumes to Tell
January 25, 2007
Against the backdrop of his own fulfilling career in aviation, Dick Freeman has pursued the Amelia Earhart mystery since the 1970s.
Business Bangalored
January 25, 2007
From X-rays read in Australia to computer troubleshooting calls answered in India and back-office operations handled around the world—all for U.S. firms—thousands of jobs once filled stateside are now offshore, and the term Bangalored, in reference to India's high-tech city, has entered the lexicon to refer to American layoffs due to outsourcing.
Students Abroad: A Virtual Roundtable
January 25, 2007
Meet four Purdue Engineering students: two American-grown (Paul Imel and Laura Palac), one from Kenya (Patrick Ndai) and one from India (Rachit Biyani).
Building Leaders in the Age of Globalization
January 25, 2007
Mike Eskew (BSIE '72) is chairman and chief executive officer of UPS, the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services. This essay was adapted from his speech "Education in an Age of Globalization."
Personal Medicine: Knowledge-Based Multilegged Companies Can Lead the Way
January 25, 2007
Uzia Galil (MSEE '53), known as the pioneer of Israeli high-tech, is chairman, president, and CEO of Uzia Initiatives and Management Ltd. (Israel).
Expanding Purdue's Research Network in India
January 25, 2007
In February 2007, a Purdue delegation joined with Indian dignitaries in signing a memorandum of understanding that will lead to research collaborations between India and the University, including exchanges of researchers, students, and faculty among Purdue and Indian universities.