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Fall 2016 -

Zeroing in
A retrofitted 1920s-era home gives practical lessons for net-zero use of outside energy and water.
Always @PurdueEngineering
Music of the spheres and ellipsoids
Sangtae Kim solves a longstanding challenge in fluid dynamics decades after taking it on.
Innovate @PurdueEngineering
Finding answers
Purdue's College of Engineering in November named three preeminent teams to focus on research ranging from medical imaging and head trauma to advanced composite materials.
Strategic Growth Initiative
STAR sight for surgical guidance
Juan Pablo Wachs rethinks telementoring to offer more help in remote operating rooms.
ChangeTheWorld @PurdueEngineering
Keeping the lights on through the storm
New Purdue professor examines inadequacies in the predictability of power grid performance.
OurPeopleOurCulture @PurdueEngineering