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Membership Policy

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The membership fee may be paid in installments, after a commitment to participate is provided in writing, via the signed Consortium Agreement. In the interests of maintaining continuity, it is preferred that members commit to participation for a minimum period of three years.

Projects to be undertaken as core Center work are chosen by the Director on the advice of the members. Each year, members rank a list of research projects that address their needs; individual companies rankings are held anonymous by the Director. The Director picks the top-ranked projects, the number of which depends on the expected membership for the year, and the resources necessary for each project. For each of the top-ranked and adopted projects, short proposals are generated laying out the scope of the work, the deliverables, the resources necessary, and a timeline. Members may suggest modifications to these proposals.

Center funds support research by the Director and his faculty colleagues, graduate and undergraduate students and post-doctoral researchers.

For further details, please contact the CTRC Director Suresh Garimella.