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Research Overview

The three current areas of research in CLAN Labs are:

Cloud Computing

Consumers are engaged in more social networking and Ecommerce activities these days and are increasingly storing their documents and media in the online cloud. Businesses are relying on Big Data analytics for business intelligence and are migrating their traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. Thus, making efficient use of server resources to meet service quality demands of the end user, and to minimize the storage costs, bandwidth costs, electricity costs, etc. in a cloud system are important. The current themes are

  1. Scheduling Algorithms for MapReduce
  2. Latency Optimized Distributed Storage Systems
  3. Video Streaming over Cloud
  4. Pricing Mechanisms for Cloud Systems
  5. Deadline Based Cloud Systems

Machine Learning

Learning the data characteristics is crucial for understanding data and coming up with next generation system designs. The current themes are

  1. Data completion: Fundamental Limits
  2. Data Completion: Low Complexity Algorithms and Performance Evaluations
  3. Exploiting multi-dimensional data characteristics for data analytics
  4. Predicting and Modeling User QoE from passive measurements
  5. Application of Machine Learning tools for healthcare

Networking and Communications

Due to increased data demands, efficient use of network becomes important. The current themes are:

  1. Video Streaming Algorithms with adaptive bit-rate
  2. 360-degree video streaming
  3. Smart Grids, and Pricing in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  4. Pricing Mechanisms for Networks
  5. Full-duplex communication systems