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Research Overview

The three current areas of research in CLAN Labs are:

Reinforcement Learning

The current themes are

  1. Multi-objective Concave Utility Reinforcement Learning
  2. Constrained Markov Decision Process
  3. Combinatorial Submodular Bandits
  4. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
  5. Federated and Fog Learning

Applications of Machine Learning

The current themes are

  1. Network Resource Allocation, including Vehicular Networks
  2. Intelligent Transportation - Ride-Sharing Systems and Traffiic Signal Control
  3. Telerobotics
  4. Application of Machine Learning tools for healthcare
  5. Blockchain

Quantum Machine Learning

The current themes are:

  1. Quantum Causal Inference
  2. Variational Quantum Circuits for Machine Learning
  3. Quantum Computing for Imaging Applications