Undergraduate students in our program are required to complete three full-time internships before graduation. Each internship lasts for 12 weeks and is usually completed during the summer months. However, students have the option to complete internships during the fall and spring semesters as well.

CEM students have internship and career options in many market sectors of the construction industry: energy, heavy civil, industrial, sports and entertainment, transportation, and vertical. Some projects our students have worked on with local, national, and global companies include wind farms, solar fields, dams, tunnels, skyscrapers, water treatment plants, football stadiums, oil and gas refineries, theme parks, roads, bridges, banks, hotels, hospitals, universities, and more. Student interns on a wind turbine construction project Internships through our program provide undergraduate students with professional experience before receiving their diplomas, which sets them apart from their peers around the world. Entering the workforce with at least nine months of full-time experience is a huge advantage and has led our program to a 100% job placement rate among graduates since the program's establishment in 1976. There are many reasons students benefit from completing internships while studying in our program:

Earn Money

All internship positions acquired through the CEM program are paid. Our students work hard both in and out of the classroom, so we work hard to set good wage standards with our industry partners.

Have Options

We have many industry partners in diverse sectors of the construction industry, so CEM students have a number of options when choosing an internship position. Our Director of Internships works closely with undergraduate students and industry partners to find each student's perfect fit by analyzing their needs and wants in regards to industry concentration, company culture, location, and more.

Become a Priority

Industry partners working with our program invest a great deal in our students. Once a student works with a certain company, that student becomes a company priority for subsequent internships. Interns gain more responsibility, training, and hands-on experience with each internship, and many companies offer CEM interns full-time positions after graduation.

Stay on Track

We are Purdue Engineering, and academics are vital to our program. Our plan of study accommodates graduating in four years, including three required internships. Graduates hold a 100% job placement record with a $61,000 average starting salary.