Instruction and Classroom Practices

ASEE@Purdue will work with the Center for Instructional Excellence, instructors, and other campus resources to promote high-quality instruction and classroom practices development for TAs, future academics, and anyone who wants to attend our meetings.

Research and Scholarship

ASEE@Purdue is a place to learn about engineering education research practices, with topics ranging from conference abstract and paper writing information and workshops to presentations from research groups on campus and research-related talks from campus resources like the Institutional Review Board.

Community of Practice

ASEE@Purdue provides a community of practice for any and all people at Purdue interested in engineering education research and practice. Talk to colleagues in the College of Engineering, the College of Technology, and the College of Education who are interested in teaching and studying learning in the field of engineering. Collaborate on research projects and get some input on your ideas. Meet people who are all interested in the same thing: engineering education.


Thursday, January 28
3:30 - 5:30


Dr. Alberto Rodriguez

This week will be co-hosting the Engineering Education Seminar featuring Dr. Alberto Rodriguez and holding an open Q&A session after the seminar.

Dr. Rodriguez's research focuses on the use of sociotransformative constructivism (sTc) as a theoretical framework that merges multicultural education tenets (as a theory of social justice) with social constructivism (as a theory of learning). Thus, Dr. Rodriguez is investigating how—through the use of sTc as a guiding framework—teachers can make their pedagogy and curriculum more culturally and socially relevant to all students, as well as how teachers can better integrate STEM across all curriculum subjects.

As always, everyone is welcome and food will be provided.