Instruction and Classroom Practices

ASEE@Purdue will work with the Center for Instructional Excellence, instructors, and other campus resources to promote high-quality instruction and classroom practices development for TAs, future academics, and anyone who wants to attend our meetings.

Research and Scholarship

ASEE@Purdue is a place to learn about engineering education research practices, with topics ranging from conference abstract and paper writing information and workshops to presentations from research groups on campus and research-related talks from campus resources like the Institutional Review Board.

Community of Practice

ASEE@Purdue provides a community of practice for any and all people at Purdue interested in engineering education research and practice. Talk to colleagues in the College of Engineering, the College of Technology, and the College of Education who are interested in teaching and studying learning in the field of engineering. Collaborate on research projects and get some input on your ideas. Meet people who are all interested in the same thing: engineering education.


The Purdue Chapter of American Society of Engineering Education is the first chapter as we will be celebrating our 25th year since its inauguration this upcoming Spring semester.  The purpose of this professional society chapter is to encourage engineering students to consider careers in academia and provide the support to those who are interested in them to reach their perspective goals. Our society provides professional support in terms of assisting students searching for academic positions and administrating training workshops to graduate students applying to academic positions. Another pillar of the society is to provide the link and interface between students of various departments with the engineering education community. This is done to increase interest of engineering graduate students in careers in engineering education and to provide students the tools to establish and develop the skills needed to participate in engineering education research. Lastly the society is intending to keep students of the wider engineering community engaged with the latest research finding of relatable topics such as pedagogical methods.

During the Fall 2017 semester, the society had held two events with average attendees of more than 15 students in each event. The society is intending request fund to support both professional development events and bi-monthly socials that are meant to provide students the opportunity for networking with the engineering education community and/or with peers aspiring to similar academic careers. The upcoming events will also highlight Purdue standing as one of the pioneer institutions within the field of engineering education and highlighting the club 25 years’ heritage. 


Thursday, October 12th
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
PGSG Graduate Center

ASEE Executive Meeting

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