Executive Board

The executive board oversees the entire organization and determines the direction of the organization. The executive board consists of five members: President, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. All committees are overseen by an  executive board member, who advises his/her committee head(s). The executive board represents the face of Purdue AIChE, and are the only positions that are elected in Purdue AIChE.


The four main areas Purdue AIChE focuses on are students, faculty, industry, and community. The marketing committee connects these four areas through weekly emails, social media, newsletters, videography, and print advertisement. The goal of this committee is to showcase Purdue AIChE to others within the local, national, and international community. This committee has the opportunity to work with all of the other committees, as well as interact with fellow students, faculty, industry, and community contacts as they promote our organization. Pictured left to right: Reagan Courtney, Maddie Christy, Maisy Rogers, Christine Yuan, and Maggie Walsh.

Chapter Relations 

The Chapter Relations Committee is a committee that exists to strengthen relationships with our sister chapter at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and the local AIChE professional chapter in Indianapolis, Indiana. The committee's goal is to connect chemical engineers from around the world with professional and social development opportunities. Pictured from left to right: Lukas Peng, Abyan Moiz, Emmy Huang, Murat Agca, and Emily Richardson.

Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations Committee coordinates activities and communications with our industrial partners. They work to maximize interactions between industry and our program throughout the year to ensure students can get opportunities to learn about chemical engineering in application and meet engineers in the field. Some projects the committee may work on include organizing plant tours and hosting companies for on-campus visits. The IR committee works very closely with many large companies, such as Cargill and P&G, to keep good relations and to visit their facilities and learn more about the day-to-day life of a working chemical engineer. Pictured from left to right for top row: Katie Yates, Will Humble, Andrea Jones, and Will Stasko. Pictured from left to right for bottom row: Keya Lodhawala, Julia Ku, and Dharani Bharathi.


The Philanthropy Committee exists to improve the lives of people at Purdue, in the Greater Lafayette area, and around the world. We want to get chemical engineers involved with community service and charity opportunities both around campus and in the community. Specifically, we have worked with Natalie's Second Chance No Kill Dog Shelter, The Springs assisted living facility, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Cancer Society to help the residents of our local community. The Philanthropy committee ultimately brings the AIChE members together to make the greatest impact possible on all of the organizations that we interact with! Pictured from left to right: Andy Dyba, Calla Tucker, Jade Klebe, Ryan Hjertquist, Becca Bedwell, and Ash Battu.

Student Relations

The Student Relations Committee is all about connecting students with students outside of academics! In the past, activities have included: movie nights, game nights, 3v3 soccer, dodgeball tournaments, basketball bonanza, and the March Madness Bracket Challenge. In connecting students with other students, this committee is always looking for fresh ideas that will allow more students interact and meet people either in other years or fellow students they never get a chance to meet inside of the classroom setting. Pictured from left to right: Madalyn Mascadri, Matthew Herron, Jadon Yeager, Fiona Wehrle, and Casey Gooden. Not pictured: Riddhi Garg.

Faculty Relations

The goal of the Faculty Relations Committee is to give students and faculty the opportunity to interact with each other outside of the classroom and academic environment. Faculty Relations hosts events at least once a month throughout the school year. These events vary from lunch-n-learns during the school day as short insightful breaks to the school day to student-faculty socials and even game nights in the evening. Pictured from left to right: Sasha Prabhu, David Sixon, Shruti Irap, Mattei Jacks, Alexa Earle, and David Bennett.

Undergrad Research

The main goal of the Undergraduate Research Committee is to promote and spread awareness to all the research programs available to students. This is done through organized research lab tours, and the research panels held throughout the school year. In the spring this committee organizes a poster symposium for undergraduate students to show off the research they have been doing over the course of the year. Winners of the symposium have the opportunity to represent Purdue AIChE at the Annual Student Conference. The events hosted by the Undergraduate Research Committee helps prepare members to compete in research competitions at the regional and national level. Pictured from left to right: Adam Georgopoulos, Ethan Wilcox, Shriya Khandelwal, Arielle Jackson, and Evan Grothen.


The Outreach Committee is all about reaching out to First-Year Engineering (FYE) students and sophomores to inform them about all Purdue AIChE and Chemical Engineering has to offer. Ranging from free-food socials to panels to dead week handouts (Lucky Charms, ice cream), this committee strives to bring about more interest in AIChE. The people serving on this committee are also dedicated to bringing mentorship and advice to freshmen and sophomores interested in pursuing Chemical Engineering. Pictured from left to right: Kyle Martiniak, Braden Sanchez, Alyssa Altman, Eli Bush, and Madelyn Jaworek. Not pictured: Urvi Mathur.


The goal of the mentorship committee is to connect and pair younger chemical engineering students with older students and mentors to guide them through their time at Purdue. The first mentorship program is a peer mentoring group where students are paired into "families" of upperclassmen to create a sense of tight-knit community across all grade levels. The second is an alumni mentorship program where any student can be paired with a Purdue alumnus currently working in industry or in graduate school to gain professional advice. Pictured from left to right: Kamran Hajibayli, Yasar Dambo, Arinola Lesi, and Halle Cansdale. Not pictured: Charlotte Doekes and Ali Johnson.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion committee is a committee focused on developing a sense of belonging and community for all chemical engineering students. We plan on having monthly discussions with cultural centers, sessions with engineering alumni with minority backgrounds, as well as providing a space available for students to feel free to both express and be themselves. Our goal is to develop an environment that would reflect the professionalism and community-focused network that will be welcoming and beneficial to all. Pictured from left to right: Ethan Rubi, Giulia Episcopo, Dani St. Louis, Aniyah Anderson, and Mitchell Taylor.