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Armstrong Hall Build Lab (ARMS 2098)
Armstrong Hall 2098 is home to smaller build equipment as well as R/C electronics. It also houses 2 3D printers and a CNC hot wire foam cutter, capable of cutting out straight and tapered wings.

Armstrong Hall Wind Tunnels (ARMS 3098)
Armstrong Hall 3098 is home to two wind tunnels, a small blow-down supersonic wind tunnel and small electrically-driven subsonic wind tunnel.

Aerospace Sciences Lab (AERO)
The Aerospace Sciences Lab, located at the Purdue University Airport, is home to the larger test equipment including the Boeing wind tunnel and 5-axis CNC mill.

McAllister Field (Lafayette)
McAllister Park is home to the Lafayette Cloud Jockeys, a local R/C club. An AMA license is required to fly at the field. There is a 210 foot paved runway and lots of grass.

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