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Prof. Pablo D.  Zavattieri
University Faculty Scholar
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
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Welcome to the Pablo Zavattieri Research Group web page at Purdue University. Our research interest is in the broad area of solid mechanics applied to the multiscale modeling of advanced and innovative engineering materials.
The main objectives of our research are to address some of the fundamental issues of solid mechanics and to advance our multiscale understanding of material behavior by developing and employing accurate physics-based scale bridging models together with  state-of-the-art computational tools and high performance computing. This approach is combined with experiments. In particular, our work has strong emphasis in the bridging between scales from atomistics to continuum-based models.
Our current projects are related to the multiscale modeling of heterogenous and hierarchical  materials, micro and nanomechancis of biological materials, bioinspired (biomimetic) materials, architectured materials, micropatterned  interfaces, smart materials, among others.   [more...]


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Group Aug
(Group, Aug. 2017): from left to right: Pablo Zavattieri, Mehdi Shishehbor, Chanhue Jeong, Adwait Trikanad, Di Wang, Luz Maria Agudelo, Oscar Ojeda, Maryam Sadat Hosseini, Gordon Jarrold,  Mirian Velay-Lizancos, Yunlan Zhang, Vanessa Restrepo, Reza Moini, Fabian Rodriguez, Kristiaan Hector, Hadi Shagerdi esmaeli, Alvaro Garnica, Camilo Valencia

Contact Information:   Pablo D.  Zavattieri
Professor and  University Faculty Scholar
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Purdue University
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Office: CIVL G217

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>> 12/16/2017: Happy to see that an idea that started 7 years ago and my first NSF project  is giving fruits and getting close to reality [Link]


>> 11/28/2017: Congratulations to PhD candidate Hadi Esmaeli for sucessfully passing his prelim, Chanhue Jeong for sucessfully defending his MS thesis and Isaias Gallana for defending his doctorate degree.

>> 09/22/2017: Congratulations to our graduate students, Alvaro, Di, Hadi, and Krisstiaan for being receipients of various awards and fellowships:
  • Alvaro Garnica: Lynn Fellowship
  • Di Wang: William and Mary Goetz Graduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering
  • Hadi Shagerdi Esmaeli: William L. Dolch Graduate Scholarship
  • Kristiaan Hector: Purdue Doctoral Fellowship.
Awards Fall 2017

>> 09/07/2017: Seminar (Sept. 7) by Dr. Louis Hector from General Motors Research and Development, KS Fu room, Potter 234, Purdue. [link]

>> 08/04/2017: Congratulations to   Yunlan Zhang  for receiving the 2017 SURF Best Mentor award [Link].
>> 07/13/2017: Prof. Zavattieri delivers an invited talk at the NSF Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Civil Infrastructure Design and Construction (July 13-14, 2017). [Link]

>> 06/27/2017: Seminar: Questioning in Research: A Practical Guide to Havve Cooperative and Constructive Argumentative Dialogue [Link to Presentation in]

>> 06/18/2017: New paper by
Nobphadon Suksangpanya on Crack Twisting in naturally-occuring Bouligand Structures [Link to PDF]
Twisted cracks

>> 06/05/2017: 3D Printing Drives Applied Research at Purdue. An article by Stratasys [Link][PDF]

>> 05/31/2017: New paper by Enrique Escobar de Obaldia and Chanhue Jeong about Mechanisms of deformation/damage and biomimetic design of the crossed lamellar structures of the Conch [Link to Paper]

>>05/08/2017: Congratulations to
Nobphadon Suksangpanya   who is the recipient of the Fall 2016 Civil Engineering Best Dissertation Award!

>> 04/06/201&: Sagarika Jetley and Gordon Jarrold featured in the Spring 2017 Civil Engineering Impact Magazine showing their work on phase transforming materials. [PDF][Web]
Sagarika and Gordon

>> 04/05/2017: Special Thanks to the Purdue Latino Cultural Center for listing Prof. Zavattieri in their Latinx Orgullo—Latinx Pride web site [Link]

>> 04/01/2017: LifeOlogy @ Purdue, a series of stories based on the diversity of life (which includes our work on the Mantis Shrimp).[Link]

>> [See more news here]   

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