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PGRN (PRISM Global Research Network, est. 2001)

Center for Industrial Engineering and Computer Science (G2I center), Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France

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Excellence in management science and engineering (EMSE)

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Director: Professor Alexandre Dolgui
Professor Olivier Boissier
Professor Patrick Burlat
Professor Jean Jacques Girardot
Doctor Rodolphe Le Riche
Doctor Xavier Boucher

List of recent & current key projects

The Industrial Engineering and Computer Sciences Center (G2I center) is the former Centre of Computer Sciences created in 1970. The G2I Division develops advanced methods for analysis and optimization of complex systems, in particular manufacturing. There are four main research departments in G2I: Scientific Methods for Industrial Management (MSGI), Organization and Modelling of the Industrials Systems (OMSI), Networks, Information, Multi-media (RIM), and Multi-Agent Systems (SMA). Common threads running through all of these departments are complex interactions within organizations or networks, sophisticated approaches for management and control of systems, and utilization of state of the art computer science and operational research techniques. The Division is composed of 21 professors, 25 Ph.D. candidates and 4 full time employees. G2I is both research and teaching institution, with graduate and post graduate students.

G2I is known in both French and international scientific communities. The Center has numerous world wide projects, for example: participation in European Virtual Institute on Cooperative Demand and Supply Networks (CODESNET), Scheduling in Production Systems and Supply Chain (INTAS), Inter-Organizational Workflow Management (E-ALLIANCE), Cooperation and Information Sharing in Supply Chain (COPILOTE), Collaborative Design in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (COSMOCE), Internet-Based Intelligent Tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-Based Learning (SCALE) projects, etc. In addition, G2I has privileged relationships with the likes of ST Microelectronics, France Telecom/R&D, Schneider Electric and Eurocopter.

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