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Sample of Current PGRN Participants' Projects

Fraunhofer IAO
ICI Bucharest
MSI Research Institute

Current Research Projects at PRISM Center and Affiliates

Best Matching Protocol
Collaborative Decision Networks
Conflict & Error Prevention and

PGRN (PRISM Global Research Network, est. 2001)

CIM Research Center, KAIST, Korea

System Integration & Modeling (SIM) Lab
Virtual Manufacturing Lab
Manufacturing Information Lab
Concurrent Engineering Lab

Moto/theme/main objectives

To develop scheduling & control theories of discrete event systems such as timed Petri nets and to apply them to scheduling and control of automated manufacturing systems, especially semiconductor manufacturing equipment such as cluster tools and track systems
To extend and apply modeling technologies for information system architectures for semiconductor manufacturing automation, knowledge modeling and sharing, and live, virtual, and constructive integrated simulation

People; director(s); senior researchers

SIM Lab Director: Prof. Tae-Eog Lee
VM Lab Director: Prof. Byoung Kyu Choi
MI Lab Director: Prof. Hayong Shin
CE Lab Director: Prof. Hyo Won Suh

List of recent & current key projects

Recent projects

Efficient optimization models and algorithms for cluster tools with complex scheduling requirements
Optimal scheduling of non-cyclic transient operations of semiconductor manufacturing tools with time constraints
Modeling and simulation for LVC(live, virtual, and constructive)- integrated combats

Past projects

Model-based knowledge contents modeling and management for knowledge-intensive works
Optimal scheduling methods of cluster tools with multi-slots, cleaning cycles, or intermediate buffers
Real-time scheduler development for cluster tools

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