Course Information:

Download ECE600 Course Syllabus

Instructor: Prof. Mark R. Bell
Office: MSEE336
Phone: (765) 494-6412

Prof. Bell's Zoom Office Hours: M: 10:00–11:30am, W: 1:30–3:00pm, or by appointment.

ECE600 TA: Bradley Fitzgerald
Office Hours:
In-Person Office Hours: Tue: 1:30–3:30pm, Wed: 2:30–4:00pm, Fri: 1:30–3:00pm;
Zoom Office Hours: : Wed: 5:00–6:30pm, Thur: 3:00–5:00pm, Fri: 9:30am–11:00am.

ECE642 Exam 1: February 8, 2022.

ECE642 Exam 2: March 10, 2022.

ECE642 Exam 3: April 12, 2022.

Final Exam: May 4, 2022; 10:30am–12:30pm; Room: FNY G140

Sample Exam: Below are links to a sample Exam1 to give you an idea of the format of my exams. This is an actual Exam 1 from a previous semester. Subsequent exams (Exams 2 and 3) will be of a similar format, so I do not plan on posting sample exams for them:

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 1 Solutions