ECE 678 Radar Engineering (Spring 2021)

Prof. Mark R. Bell
MSEE 336

Prof. Bell's Zoom Office Hours: M: 2:30–3:30pm; W: 2:30–3:30pm, or by appointment.

phone: (765) 494-6412

Note: Lectures for all sections during the Spring 2021 semester, both on-campus and off-campus, will be prerecorded and available for download from Youtube using links available from this course website. There will be no live on-campus lectures. See the Video links on he ECE678 dropdown menu for the videos.

Note that all course materials will be distributed through this website. There will not be a Brightspace page associated with this course.

Take-Home Midterm Exam Dates:

Midterm Exam: March 22–29, 2021 (The Midterm is due at midnight EST on March 29, 2021.)

Final Exam Date:

Final Exam: Date to be determined