Update Archive

2011.12.19 Version

Macintosh and Windows Versions

File – Open Image

MultiSpec now handles the Polar Stereographic projection.

MultiSpec now reads the GML header projection information in JPEG 2000 files. The test for this has been with simulated French PLEIADES data. This spacecraft was launched this past week. Note that for this feature to work properly in the Windows version, I had to break with my goal to have everything built into application file so that one just needs to keep track of one application file. One needs to keep the folder named epsg_csv with the MultiSpec application; i.e. in the same folder where MultiSpec is at. I am using the GDAL routines to handle the GML header information; the information is read from the files in this folder. From what I know now, I would have to recode several GDAL routines to read the info if the files are included as resources in the Windows application exe file. The eps_csv folder is part of the Macintosh MultiSpec application package so when the Macintosh version of MultiSpec is moved these files are automatically moved with it.

A problem was fixed which caused the LARSYS MIST formatted image files to not be read correctly by Intel processor machines.

Processor->Display Multispectral Image and Thematic Image

The coordinate view will be displayed and default to Lat-Long units when an image window is first opened if MultiSpec can handle the projection information that is available in the image file. This was done as a time saving feature; at least it has helped me out!

Processor->Display Multispectral Image

A problem was fixed so that 32-bit integer image files which contained just a few data values and one very large data value would be displayed correctly in 1-channel mode. Before this version, the lower data values (such as 0 and 1) were always being displayed as one color.

Macintosh Version


A problem was fixed which caused the image window to have noise in the image overlays when that option was selected for training and/or test fields.

Windows Version

Better looking application icon

A higher resolution MultiSpec application icon was created to take advantage of the better graphics in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Default Application Mainframe Window

The default MultiSpec main frame window was limited to be no more than a 6/4 ratio with the window height. This keeps the main frame window from taking up the entire width of wide screen monitors. One can alway make the main frame window wider if needed. Let me know though if you do not like the new default.


2011.9.2 Version

Macintosh and Windows Versions

MultiSpec Documentation Update

The information in Appendix C titled Transformation File Format was updated.

File->Load Transformation Matrix

I found there were lots of problems reading the transformation files that had been saved back into MultiSpec. These problems have been fixed. Also the Windows version can read transformation files created by the Macintosh version and vice versa.

Processor->Display Multispectral Image

A problem was fixed in the image enhancement operation which caused some images represented by real numbers to not be displayed very well. In these cases the image displayed was almost black.

Processor->Utilities->List Image Description

A problem was fixed which caused an end of file error when listing the text information in some GeoTIFF files.

Macintosh Version

Processor->Utilities menu item

Problem was fixed which caused the Processor->Utilities menu items to only be selected with the command keys and not the mouse cursor.

2011.7.28 Version

Macintosh and Windows Versions
New MultiSpec Documentation

A new MultiSpec Introduction document was made available on the MultiSpec web. The new version reflects the capabilities in this version of MultiSpec.

File – Open Image

MultiSpec can now handle ecw (enhanced compression wavelet), GRIB (Gridded Binary). MultiSpec uses the GDAL and ERDAS/ER Mapper libraries to handle these data types. This addition has increased the size of the MultiSpec application significantly. GRIB was added to handle the evapotranspiration data sets at: http://mirador.gsfc.nasa.gov/ … GLDAS data. MultiSpec now uses the GDAL library to read the ArcView (.bil/.bsq/.bip) images and therefore will automatically access the projection information in an associated .prj file and the color table stored in associated .clr files.

Changes have been made so that MultiSpec can obtain the projection information from more of the EASE-Grid formatted hdf product files.

Processor – Display Multispectral Image

A problem was fixed which sometimes caused MultiSpec to crash when using the User Defined Min/Max dialog box.

Processor – Display Thematic Image

One can now use the ArcView type .clr files to define the colors, class names, information group assignments, group names and colors. These are text files which can be easily edited. These files, if present, will override any other class name and/or color assignments such as the ERDAS .trl file. MultiSpec will write this style of file to disk if the base image is not in ERDAS *.gis format when one uses the File->Save Thematic Class/Group Info menu commands. One can also read these files in using the File->Open Thematic Class/Group Info commands.
The limitation which forced thematic palettes to always contain white and black has been removed.

 Processor->Reformat->Convert ENVI ASCII ROI to Thematic Image

A bug was fixed which caused MultiSpec to crash when doing this operation.

This utility reformat function has been made available in the Windows version. The function can now handle two different styles of ENVI ROI text files. Only a few files though have been tested.


A programming error was fixed which caused the results from the single-pass algorithm to differ some between the Macintosh and Windows versions. Absolute values were not being handled the same. The fix actually means that the results for both versions now differ slightly from previous versions.

Processor->Utilities->List Image Description

The information for the text tags in TIFF/GEOTIFF files are included in the listing for the image description.


Programming was fixed which sometimes caused MultiSpec to crash with certain combinations of reading and deleting shape files.

Macintosh Version

File->Print Image

The Macintosh OSX version now prints the legends in color.

Project Statistics

Error was fixed so that the modified statistics would be read in correctly on Intel Macintosh machines.

Windows Version

Processor->List Results

Error was fixed which caused the group summary accuracy to be incorrect.