Update Archive

2010.12.15 Version

Macintosh and Windows Versions

File - Classify

MultiSpec is now able to use the Echo Classifier with very large image files, i.e. those with more than 250 million pixels. MultiSpec will write intermediate data that is needed during the echo classify process to a temporary disk file when the available memory is not enough to store all that is needed. This temporary file is deleted after the classification has completed. A message is displayed if MultiSpec does not think there is enough disk space available for the temporary file. Also changes were made to allow MultiSpec to classify and list results for images with more than 2 billion pixels.

One can now select TIFF/GeoTIFF as an output classification file format. The selected type is also used for the probability files if generated. A .trl file is still generated so that MultiSpec has access to the class names in the TIFF/GeoTIFF which are not stored in this type of file format.

Processor - Cluster

Messages are generated to let the user know when there are too many pixels to be clustered for the amount of memory that is available. In the past, MultiSpec would just quit the cluster processor with no message generated.


Processor - Reformat - Change Image File Format

A problem was fixed which caused an error to be generated when creating image files in ArcView format.

2010.06.28 Version


File - Open Image

MultiSpec now handles tiled, 2-byte TIFF/GeoTIFF data that need to be byte swapped properly.

Processor - Reformat - Change Image File Format

Some changes were made in the 'Change Image File Format' dialog box in both the Macintosh and Windows versions so that they are consistent with each other. Also changes were made in the output summary listings in the output text window to provide more information when this processor is run.

2010.03.25 Version

The 3.25 version is an update for only the Windows version.


This version fixes a bug which caused MultiSpec to hang when opening an image or project file when running with the Vista OS. This version also fixes a bug (same bug) which caused the ability to link image files in the Open Image dialog box to not be available with the Window7 OS. This bug was introduced as a result of updating to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 compiler.

2010.02.11 Version


File - Open Image

MultiSpec can now handle jpeg2000 and png formatted images. MultiSpec uses the GDAL and Kakadu software libraries to handle these data formats. The application size is now around 50% larger.

A fix was made to handle a tag for GeoTIFF files correctly when this tag pointed beyond the end of the image file.

MultiSpec now handles the Ord. Survey G. Britain 1936 datum. Also a correction was made in the tranformation algorithm to convert from Transvere Mercator to latitude- longitude; it was not handling all situations correctly.

Processor - Display Multispectral Image

A programming error was fixed which caused images in band interleaved by pixel and tiled format with real number values to not be displayed properly when the display interval was not 1.


The compiler being used was updated to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Processor - Classify

A programming error was fixed which caused the optional dialog box for the Correlation Classifier (SAM) to not be displayed. This option can be made available by holding the shift key down (or right mouse button down) when selecting the Classification Procedure popup menu.