Update Archive

2009.10.01 Version


File - Open Image

MultiSpec will handle GeoTIFF files which are 1-channel, blocked and labeled as BIP (band interleaved by pixel) properly; they can also be used for the "logically linking" feature.

MultiSpec will now handle the South American 1969 Datum and Ellipsoid.

Processor - Reformat - Change Image File Format

A programming error was fixed which would caused MultiSpec to crash when one tried to save one-channel thematic images.


Processor - Display Multispectral Image

A programming error was fixed which caused the min and max values in the "Display Enhancement Dialog Box" to not be updated when one changed the clip percent.

2009.7.14 Version


File - Open Image

MultiSpec now handles those hdf files that point to other files that contain the image data properly; this capability was lost when the change was made to the newer hdf library.

MultiSpec can now handle the ERDAS Imagine .ige (spill) files. These files are used for images with more than 2 gigabytes of data. Note that with the ability to handle files larger than 4 gigabytes, one approaches the memory limits of MultiSpec for some of the algorithms. (A 64-bit version will need to be created.)

Changes were made to be able to better handle images in the sinusoidal projection. This was done to handle the MODIS LAI and fPAR data available from the Climate and Vegetation Research Group.

One can enter negative values for false eastings and northings in the "Set Map Coordinate Specifications" dialog box.

For information purposes: an attempt was made to include the capability to handle jpeg2000 image files. The effort was not successful because of the very long time to read the files. I am looking into a different jpeg2000 library of routines to use for this.

Processor - Feature Selection

A message is listed when feature selection quits because of ill-defined covariance matrices. One scenario where this can happen is when one uses channels that are linear combinations of other channels in the data set.


The MultiSpec code was ported to Apple's XCode development environment so that a universal version could be created. The previous development environment, Metrowerks Codewarrior, is not being supported any more. This took awhile to do. There are some features that are not in the universal version yet including using Edit-Copy to copy all or a selected portion of an image so that you can paste it into another document. One can use OSX's window copy feature to get around this. Also one cannot print a selected portion of the text in the text window; the File - Print menu item will always print all of the text in the window. One can get around this by copying the text (or saving the text window) and using another application like Microsoft Word.

The Universal version will run native on Intel based Macintosh's although I do not have an Intel based machine to do a lot of testing with it yet.

The Universal and Carbonized versions of MultiSpec will now handle file names longer than 31 characters.