Update Archive


040414 Version

Macintosh and Windows Version

Image Window - View Coordinates

One now has the capability to display the cursor and selection coordinates in the coordinate view in latitude/longitude (decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds) for UTM projected images in addition to lines/columns and UTM meters. This is controlled by the popup menu in the coordinate view.

File - Open Image

MultiSpec can now read the GeoTIFF and Imagine parameters for the Campo Inchauspe datum. (And also write those parameters for GeoTIFF format.) Several changes have been made to better handle the information in projected images that are from the southern hemisphere.

Edit - Image Map Parameters

A change was made in the dialog box so that one can specify N or S hemispheres for the UTM zones.

Processors - Classify and List Results

A change was made in the format of the listing of the class distribution for the selected area so that the precision of the percent area is always high enough so that the listed value is not 0 if the class does contains at least one pixel (up to a maximum of 7 decimal places).

Macintosh Version

File - Open Image

The Carbon version can now read image file larger than 2 gigabytes. I have tested a 6 gigabyte file. Let me know if you have problems with large files that you have.