We always look for highly motivated graduate students with a solid background and hands-on experience in one or multiple areas: microfabrication, semiconductor devices physics, nanoelectronics, and hardware interface. December 1 is the deadline for priority consideration for financial support. Please send your CV to Prof. Wenzhuo Wu if you are interested. We look forward to working with highly motivated and talented students!

Please send your CV to Prof. Wenzhuo Wu.

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Innovation of unprecedented materials and devices for next-generation products through nanomanufacturing

Our research focuses on innovating nanotechnologies through the design, manufacturing, and integration of functional materials with controlled compositions and architectures across multiple length scales. We carry out groundbreaking trans-disciplinary research to generate hierarchical materials and structures with applications in ubiquitous sensors, wearable devices, nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, quantum electronics, energy, catalysis, etc.

Leveraging these materials and tools, we work with scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds to explore the fundamental scientific issues related to the deterministic manufacturing and integration of emerging nanomaterials and correlating their unique processing advantages with structural properties as well as with their capability for the targeted applications via a combined experimental and computational approach.