decentralized wastewater system installationDecentralized Wastewater Treatment: Treatment Technologies, System Design, and Management Strategies


Webinars were conducted from November 9 through December 14, 2010.

Sponsored by: the Conservation Technology Information Center, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Tetra Tech. All presentations by Tetra Tech staff.

Moderated by: Angie Williams, Conservation Technology Information Center

Hosted by: Indiana Watershed Leadership Program, Purdue University

November 9: Overview of Centralized and Decentralized Treatment Issues

Summary of Centralized/Decentralized Treatment Approaches Water and Wastewater Resource Management ConsiderationsTMDLs, Watershed Planning, Antidegradation, and Wastewater Wastewater Capacity Development and Cost Issues

November 16:  Decentralized Treatment: Processes & Technologies

Wastewater Constituents of Concern Physical, Chemical & Biological Treatment Processes Technology Options & Capabilities for Providing Treatment

November 23: Focus on Decentralized Wastewater System Design: Part 1

Wastewater Characterization: Flow, Strength, Other Constituents Septic, Grease Interceptor, and Flow Equalization Tanks Site Evaluation: Soils, Slopes, Groundwater, and Sizing Issues Gravity and Pressurized Soil Dispersal Options for Effluent

November 30: Focus on Decentralized Wastewater System Design: Part 2  

Advanced Treatment Options: Customized and Proprietary Units Clustered Collection and Treatment Systems Treatment System Operation and Maintenance


December 7: Management Approaches for Decentralized Systems

Management Program Elements and Implementation Options Entities Involved in Managing Wastewater Systems TWIST: The Wastewater Information System Tool

December 14 : Integrated Water Resource Management

Current Challenges in Water Resource Management Sustainability & the New Paradigm for Managing Water Resources Case Studies on Integrated Water Resource Management


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