Scaling Effect on Metal-Semiconductor Contact Resistivity in Nano-scale Transistor


  • Contact resistance is becoming a critical factor in device on-state performance.
  • Investigate scaling effect on specific contact resistivity in Metal-Si contact structure.


  • Quantum transport simulation for 2-D / 3-D Metal-Si structure.
  • EM model calibrated against TB model: Fit ballistic conductance of metal (Cu) wire in EM with TB .
  • Include Shottky barrier(ΦB) between M-Si and vary doping concentration in Si contact pad region (>1e20 cm-3)


  • Lower Schottky barrier and high doping concentration drives lower resistivity.
  • Metal conductance linearly decreases as while downscaling.
  • Contact resistivity is almost constant while downscaling cross sectional area of metal interconnect.
  •  Surface roughness and grain boundary are expected to cause the conductivity degradation in metal wire.
  • Present in DRC and IWCE (2013).