Quantum Corrected Drift-Diffusion Simulation


  • Quantum-correction to drift-diffusion simulator for nanoscale bulk MOSFETs.


  • Ballistic mobility added to scattering limited mobility.
  • Ballistic transport: Caughy-Thomas model modified with Monte-Carlo simulation data.
  • Quantum Confinement: EOTelec calibrated with 1D Schroedinger-Poisson solver.


  • Agreement with experimental data (Intel 32 nm/Samsung 20 nm).
  • Performance increase slow-down predicted for future nodes.

Associated Publication:

  • SungGeun Kim, Mehdi Salmani-Jelodar, Kwok Ng, Gerhard Klimeck,"Quantum Mechanical Modifications of Drift-diffusion Simulators for Ultra-scaled MOSFETs" TECHCON, 2013.[C397]
  • SungGeun Kim, Mehdi Salmani-Jelodar, Kwok Ng, Gerhard Klimeck, "Quantum Corrected Drift-Diffusion Simulation for Prediction of CMOS Scaling" Device Research Conference, 2013.[P172]

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