Gerhard Klimeck

Gerhard Klimeck's Biography

Gerhard Klimeck is an Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty at Purdue University and leads two research centers in Purdue's Discovery Park. He helped to create which now serves over 2.0 million users globally. Previously he worked with Texas Instruments and NASA/JPL/Caltech.

His research interest is the modeling of nanoelectronic devices, genetic algorithm based optimization, image processing and user behavior analytics . NEMO, the nanoelectronic modeling software built in his research group established the state-of-the-art in atomistic quantum transport modeling. NEMO is now being used at Intel for advanced transistor designs and commercialized. He published over 530 printed scientific articles that resulted in an h-index of 72 in Google scholar.

Gerhard is a fellow of the Institute of Physics (IOP), the American Physical Society (APS) and IEEE. In Oct. 2020 he was elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), ”For the quantum mechanical modeling theory and simulation tools to design today's nanotransistors and for leadership of the global nanotechnology community as Director of nanoHUB.” Together with physicist Michelle Simmons of the University of New South Wales, he "devised a way to make a single-atom transistor", which ranked #29 top invention of 2013 by Discover Magazine. In 2020 the nanoHUB team was awarded a R&D 100 award for “nanoHUB: Democratizing Learning and Research”.

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