Gerhard Klimeck


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    "ECE 694 - Graduate Student Seminar Course"
    Mandatory Course for all ECE graduate Students. Purdue University. Instructor Goal: Coordinate presentations by external visitors on professional aspects of life after graduate school. Covered topics are resumes, paper writing, career planning, interview skills, financial planning. Developed a new syllabus, which includes a massive peer review where students evaluate a complete stack of their 60-100 peers in 45 minutes to enforce them with a view of a hiring manager.

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    "ECE 606 - Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices"
    (S10: co-taught with Prof. Mark Lundstrom, S12: co-taught with Prof. David Janes, and Jim Cooper)
    Core Course in the micro-nano area in ECE. Developed associated crystal structure, bandstructure and quantum transport simulation tools to integrate nanoHUB into the course curriculum.
    Deployed a new version of the course into edX in the summer of 2020.

  • [F09]

    "Nanoelectronic Modeling: From Quantum Mechanics and Atoms to Realistic Devices"
    Ph.D. Short Course, University of Pisa, Oct. 5-9 2009, Host: Prof. Gianluca Fiori.
    20 participants from Italy and Europe overall,
    41 individual lecture elements - approximately 16 hours of lectures.

  • [F96]

    "UTD - Advanced Semiconductor Device Theory"
    University of Texas at Dallas. 18 Ph.D. and Master students, evening course Text book primarily used: S. Datta, Quantum Phenomena.