Fan Chen

Fan Chen's Biography

Fan Chen received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Fudan University in Shanghai. She is currently a Ph.D candidate working in Prof. Klimeck’s group.

She has her early experience in condensed matter experiments, especially in MBE, CVD growth technology, AFM, low temperature measurements.

She has worked as an internship in GlobalFoundries working on the following two projects:

  • Program to Synchronize (1) ultra-fast parameter analyzer (WGFMU) (2)digital I/O to address decoder (NI PCI 6541) and (3) Periphery Power Supply (Agilent E3646) to monitor variability of devices 10 times faster than typical Id-Vg measurement
  • Build up a test flow on Verigy V93K to test Bias Temperature Induced stress on SRAM cells

Her interest now lies in simulating quantum effects of electron transport in novel materials based on tight binding and NEGF method. She has been working on the following projects: