Ben Haley

Ben Haley's Biography

Ben Haley received his B.S. in Honors Physics from Purdue University in 1998, a M.S. in Engineering Applied Science from UC Davis 2001, and his Ph.D. in Engineering Applied Science from UC Davis in 2005. Ben joined the Klimeck research group in November 2006.

Ben's research efforts at Purdue are focused in two general categories: scientific computing and nanoHUB support. He has implemented a variety of optimizations in the main Klimeck group codes, including the explicit calculation of matrix elements in NEMO 3D and memory allocation using the NEMO Math Library (NML) in OMEN, to enable memory profiling in that code. Ben is the owner of the strain calculation in OMEN as well as the lead developer of scripting interfaces for OMEN.

On the nanoHUB, Ben has contributed to and supported a number of projects, including ABINIT and nanowire. He also developed the Ruby language bindings for Rappture. Ben is one of the site leads for the NCN @ Purdue. His nanoHUB contributor page is found here.

Some of his other projects are: