WukLab aims to build the next-generation datacenter systems. We are currently interested in developing new datacenter hardware, software, and networking systems for modern datacenter applications.

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Resource Disaggregation

The traditional datacenter monolithic-server architecture and the software systems built on top of it are meeting their limitations in the face of new hardware and software trends. Our vision of the next-generation datacenter is to break the monolithic server boundary, an approach called resource disaggregation.

Datacenter Networking

Advance in datacenter networking in the past decade has driven a sea change in the way datacenters are organized and managed. We are exploring various datacenter networking issues from the systems perspective. Currently, we are interested in low-latency, RDMA-based network systems.

Non-Volatile Main Memory

Non-volatile main memories (NVMMs) promise DRAM-like performance, persistence, and high density. Taking full advantage of the benefits of NVMMs will require changes in system software. We investigate various problems in using NVMMs in different systems.