WukLab aims to build the next-generation datacenter systems. We are currently interested in developing new datacenter hardware, software, and networking systems for modern datacenter applications.

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Resource Disaggregation

The traditional datacenter monolithic-server architecture and the software systems built on top of it are meeting their limitations in the face of new hardware and software trends. Our vision of the next-generation datacenter is to break the monolithic server boundary, an approach called resource disaggregation.

Datacenter Networking

Advance in datacenter networking in the past decade has driven a sea change in the way datacenters are organized and managed. We are exploring various datacenter networking issues from the systems perspective. Currently, we are interested in low-latency, RDMA-based network systems.

Systems Security

Building secure systems is hard but extremely important. To improve systems security, we are exploring both security attacks and defenses in various environments. Our current focus in systems security research is on hardware and networking security.

Non-Volatile Main Memory

Non-volatile main memories (NVMMs) promise DRAM-like performance, persistence, and high density. Taking full advantage of the benefits of NVMMs will require changes in system software. We investigate various problems in using NVMMs in different systems.