Imagine, Discover, Connect.....Dream

Purdue University's Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) helps women and girls discover their inner engineer. From mentoring to career development, WIEP continually encourages current and future women engineering students by providing interesting and engaging programming relevant to their lives. WIEP programs are a place to learn, discover and explore aspects of engineering and connect with others who are also interested. They are a place of encouragement, support, and positive perspectives for those who are interested in following their dreams by pursuing an engineering degree.


The Women in Engineering Program at Purdue University is dedicated to enriching the profession of engineering through the full participation of women. We develop and direct activities that provide:

  • encouragement for girls and young women to study engineering,
  • information about careers and companies, and
  • an environment conducive to the successful completion of their studies.

We also maintain strong relationships with alumnae, friends and companies who generously support our program.


  • To provide career information and encouragement to pre-college girls and young women to continue achievement in math and science and consider engineering as an appropriate career choice.
  • Encourage women to matriculate at Purdue University in the College of Engineering.
  • Ensure a climate in the College of Engineering which allows young women to reach their full potential.
  • Provide opportunities for women engineering students to develop leadership skills that can be utilized in their future lives.
  • Encourage undergraduate women to consider graduate education among their options upon graduation.
  • Maintain open communication with alumnae, friends, and our corporate partners to encourage their continued participation in and support of the Women in Engineering Programs.