Combined State Binder Group Round Robin
Welcome to the North Central Superpave Center (NCSC) website. The NCSC was initiated in 1994 to assist agencies and industry in the North Central region of the country and to continue the development and implementation of the Superpave system for asphalt binder and mixture design. As the use of Superpave became routine in the region, the focus of the NCSC broadened to address any issue related to hot mix asphalt. Today the NCSC continues to conduct research, provide technical information, assist with testing, participate in equipment/protocol evaluations, contribute to standards development and provide training related to hot mix asphalt and aggregates.

The NCSC is a research center administered by the Joint Transportation Research Program at Purdue University and supported by the state departments of transportation in the region, the Federal Highway Administration and the asphalt industry. The center is located in the Indiana Department of Transportation's Office of Research and Development in the Purdue Research Park.

The Center works in partnership with the State Departments of Transportation and industry in nine other states and two Canadian provinces in the North Central region as well as with states and industry outside the region. The NCSC's main efforts involve research, communication, technology transfer and training.

The NCSC is also affiliated with the North Central Asphalt User Producer Group (NCAUPG), Combined State Binder Group (CSBG), Multi-Regional Training and Certification (M-TRAC) group and the Institute for Safe, Quiet and Durable Highways (SQDH).