Welcome to Combined State Binder Group


The Combined State Binder Group (CSBG or "the group") is a regional user/producer group that exists to standardize the acceptance of asphalt binders amongs the state DOT members through the use of participating supplier's certification. The group consists of 6 state DOT members and certified suppliers that have been reviewed by a DOT member. A certified supplier is deemed to be in compliance with the CSBG Certification Document found on the "Method of Acceptance for Asphalt Binders" page of this website. Asphalt binders producers wishing to become supplier participant in the CSBG should review the certification document and contact your nearest DOT member state representative to begin the certification process.



The CSBG will meet a minimum of twice a year, with a Spring Conference Call on the last tuesday in March and an in-person meeting held the last tuesday in October. Meetings generally consist of a joint state and supplier session and a state only session. Additional meetings of the state members or with the suppliers will be scheduled as needed.

Upcoming Mtgs.: Tuesday, October 25, 2022



Below are the minutes from the most recent CSBG meetings. These minutes are from the joint state and supplier session of the meetings. Minutes of the state only discussions are sent directly to the state members.

Spring Meetings Fall Meetings
28 March 2023  
29 March 2022 25 October 2022
30 March 2021 26 October 2021
2020 - Not held 2020 - Not held
30 April 2019 29 October 2019
April 2018 30 October 2018