Research Highlights

Purdue's Jason Lloyd giving a tour of CAI/S-BRITE Center
On June 6th, JTRP hosted the INDOT Executive Staff on the Purdue campus. Highlights of the visit included a poster session and demonstrations by JTRP researchers at the Niswonger Aviation Technology Building. More
Group discussion on potential field deployments, policy initiatives, and research needs
The Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Summit was held on June 15, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana. More
Hunter Buxton (USU), Leslie Campbell (Purdue) and Sattar Dorafshan (USU) flying UAV getting a different look at bridge girder specimens
Professor Marc Maguire of Utah State University was the first out-of-state researcher to use UAV's to inspect the S-BRITE Center's steel bridge Probability of Detection (POD) specimens. More
INDOT Team and JTRP Group recognized for Their Collaboration
The INDOT team and the JTRP group were recently recognized for the research collaboration that resulted in a best paper award.
On January 10, 2017, the Rockville Road Bridge was hit by a mobile car crusher destroying four of the 14 load-bearing girders and damaging the bridge deck. INDOT engineers determined the damaged girders should be removed and replaced. In less than 30 hours, I-465 was re-opened after emergency overnight demolition of the damaged girders by Rieth-Riley Construction and Crackers Demolition crew. More