Research Highlights

Grad student inspecting the piles at Bowen Lab
Professor Rodrigo Salgado and Professor Monica Prezzi are testing 100-feet long, open-ended pipe piles for the new bridge crossing the Wabash River. The result of this research could reduce the cost of building or replacing bridges in the near future. More
Purdue's Jason Lloyd educates and trains bridge inspectors to improve the practice of inspecting.
Feature article from WBAA with Lyles School of Civil Engineering Professor and S-BRITE Director, Robert Connor, along with LTAP Research Manager, Pat Conner, about our program's effort to improve bridge inspection. More
Sagamore Parkway Bridge Demolition
JTRP's Wayne Bunnell and Drake Krohn were featured in a recent interview on how recording the demolition of the Sagamore Parkway bridge can be used for educational purposes. More
WLFI News Channel 18 recently featured a special report on traffic signal timing. More
Pictured are students, faculty, and INDOT engineers
On April 7th, Tom Brummett came to Purdue University to deliver a lecture on drilled shaft construction and testing to students and INDOT engineers. The lecture covered thermal integrity testing, O-cell testing, CSL, and the SQUID test. Tom is a Project Supervisor for INDOT located in the Vincennes District. Tom's enthusiasm and dedication to his work is an inspiration to everyone involved.