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Goss Scholars Curriculum

Students in Goss Scholars enroll in a 2-semester sequence of engineering design coursework that introduces students to the engineering profession using physics-based, multidisciplinary, societally relevant content. Students develop engineering approaches to systems, generate and explore creative and innovative ideas, and use of computational methods to support design decisions. Design challenges and projects will explore a wide range of natural phenomena experimentally and computationally (utilizing Matlab and Python) and engage students in innovative thinking across the engineering disciplines at Purdue. Students experience the process of design and analysis in engineering including how to work effectively in teams of 4 all semester long. Students also develop skills in project management, engineering fundamentals, oral and graphical communication, logical thinking, and modern engineering tools. The completion of this track satisfies the first-year engineering sequence as well as the FYE physics requirement. 

ENGR 16100- Honors Introduction to Innovation and the Physical Sciences  of Engineering Design 1 (4 credits - Fall Semester)

ENGR 16200- Honors Introduction to Innovation and the Physical Sciences of Engineering Design 2 (4 credits - Spring Semester)