How do I apply to be a Goss Scholar?

After you have been accepted to Purdue, you can apply for the learning community here

When will I know if I am accepted as a Goss Scholar?

Scholars will be notified starting at the end of April if they have been accepted to the program. 

Do you have to be in the Honors College to be a Goss Scholar?

Students do not have to be in the Honors College to be a Goss Scholar. However, if a student is accepted to the Honors College and majoring in engineering, then they are automatically a Goss Scholar. 

How is this different from the Engineering Honors Program & Do More in Four?

It's the same! We have recently rebranded our program to allow our students more choices in their first year curriculum.

Do I have to live on campus to be in the learning community?

Yes. Goss Scholars will live in Earhart Hall, unless you are a Honors College student, then you will live in the Honors College Residences.

Can I be a part of other learning communities? 

Goss Scholars can be in other learning communities as long as there is not a required residential component. More information about if a learning community has a residential component can be found here

What are the benefits of being a Goss Scholar?

The Goss Scholars Learning Community is a rewarding first-year experience for engineering students. Check out the advantages of being a Goss Scholar.