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The socio-economic environment around the world is changing dramatically, more so now, as countries try to regain their footing from a pandemic. And while COVID 19 has been devastating, rebuilding needs to focus on creating systems that are more resilient, inclusive and equitable. This collective imagination of the new normal must include voices from across sectors and rely on the strengths and expertise of multiple entities, including those from private, public, academic and nonprofit sectors. It is only through such cross-sector cooperation that we can hope to tackle large-scale socio-economic challenges and be better prepared for the future. Facilitated by The Shah Family Global Innovation Lab, The IDEAS discussion series is an effort towards that goal.

Episode 0 0

IDEAS Discussion Series Introduction

IDEAS discussion series, is a collection of conversations with non-profit organizations, government and non-government leaders, civil society representatives, community leaders, researchers and donor organizations. These conversations will focus on regional and thematic priorities that the International development sector is facing in the wake of COVID 19.

Episode 1 1

Sustainable Approaches for building resilient systems in Emerging Economies

In this conversation, Pallavi Gupta, Asst. Director of Shah Lab, speaks with Reema Nanavaty, Secretary General, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India, to discuss methods, program design considerations, and strategies that SEWA has successfully employed in their work over the past five decades. The conversation focuses on approaches for building resilient systems in the wake of COVID 19.

Episode 2 2

Systemic approach to Healthcare in low resource settings

In this discussion, Pallavi Gupta, engages in a dialogue with Gopi Gopalakrishnan, Founder and President of World Health Partners (WHP), and Jacqueline Linnes, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Purdue University, to discuss existing challenges and gaps between R&D and on-the-ground implementation processes in the sector of healthcare.

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Purdue College of Engineering and Shah Family Global Innovation Lab