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Bayer to open space to apply interdisciplinary approach to build solutions, source innovation.

Banner image: Purdue has announced that Bayer, a global life sciences company, intends to open Bayer at Convergence in the Discovery Park District at Purdue.

Bayer, a global life sciences company, announced in June 2020 that it intends to open Bayer at Convergence in the Discovery Park District at Purdue. When fully staffed, the Bayer space in the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration will employ students who will enhance and augment a robust agricultural innovation portfolio with such additional enabling capabilities as information technology, data science, and engineering.

Students will focus on cutting-edge, real-world and social scientific challenges in areas like advanced analytics, operations research, phenomics, genomics, plant science, and precision breeding technologies.

The Bayer space will employ students who are studying various disciplines, including agriculture, electrical engineering, user experience design, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and imaging sensor science.

Bayer at Convergence will use digital tools and data to drive agricultural innovations, which can increase the efficiency and reduce the amount of water, land and energy necessary to meet the world’s food, fuel and fiber needs.

“As a life science company, we strive to live up to our vision ‘Health for all, Hunger for none.’ Through agricultural innovations, we can help provide farmers improved tools and solutions to sustain our growing world,” said Mike Graham, head of Bayer’s Breeding, Crop Science Division. “We are excited to become members of the Purdue University campus and enhance our efforts in agricultural innovation.”

With the new space, Bayer intends to partner with Purdue faculty and researchers from across campus, representing different colleges and multiple disciplines. Bayer is focused on fostering a collaborative, entrepreneurial and solution-based framework in which students will engage with innovative projects designed to enable novel innovation in crop sciences and agriculture.

Bayer named Susana Díaz-Amaya, a Purdue alumna, to lead the new Bayer at Convergence space.

The $1 billion-plus Discovery Park District at Purdue is a Purdue Research Foundation entity adjacent to the Purdue campus and is a transformational center of innovation.