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Summer 2015 -

Much accomplished, much yet to do
In 1968, George Hawkins, Purdue vice president for academic affairs, requested that Arthur J. Bond, a beginning graduate student in electrical engineering, join the staff to recruit and retain black engineering students. Seven years later the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) was founded at Purdue.
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Green nanotechnology
From highways to high rises, construction in today's engineering world increasingly calls upon new environmentally friendly and inexpensive materials. One research collaboration is studying nature and nanotechnology to provide such materials.

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Grooming success
The Office of Future Engineers (OFE) focuses on student outcomes. Director David Bowker and his team have effectively changed the old college pitch into a focus on finding the right academic fit for each student.
Strategic Growth Initiative
Purdue team puts Earhart on the moon
The same basic scientific technique used to locate the crater that killed the dinosaurs has led a team of Purdue researchers to discover one of the biggest craters on the moon, one that has been "hiding in plain sight" for hundreds of years.
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Creativity on display at Malott Innovation Awards
Mechanical Engineering students in Senior Design have creatively applied their accumulated engineering knowledge to develop products that increase efficiency at home, improve the lives of people with disabilities and much more.
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