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ECE568 (Embedded Systems)

Offered: Every Spring semester

Target audience: Graduate students (and exceptional senior-level undergraduate students) in the School of ECE and the Department of CS.

Description: This course provides an introduction to the design of embedded and ubiquitous computing systems. The course covers hardware and software architectures, design methodologies, and communication protocols. The lectures are organized into three parts namely, (a) basic design principles including specification and modeling of embedded systems, hardware components and platforms, software organization, embedded and real-time operating systems, interfacing with external environments using sensors and actuators, and wired/wireless communication in networked embedded systems, (b) advanced topics such as energy management, safety and reliability, and security, and (c) case-studies of systems from a variety of embedded application domains such as smart cards and RFID, networked sensors, personal computing devices, home appliances and electronics, mobile robotics, etc. The lectures are complemented by a set of hands-on assignments using embedded development kits as well as a comprehensive design project.

Course description page: Click here

ECE495/CS490 (Software for Embedded Systems)

Offered: New for Spring 2011!

Target audience: Senior and junior undergraduate students in the School of ECE and the Department of CS.

Course description page: Click here

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