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Dissertation Title: Conversion of municipal organic waste into higher value acids and sugars

Team Soy Soft wins 3rd place in Student Soybean Innovation Competition

Team Soy Soft, advised by Dr. Engelberth, won third place in the annual Student Soybean Innovation Competition. Their project focused on fermenting soybean meal to produce b-carotene and then used the spent meal to produce activated carbon. These major ingredients were combined to create a nutrient rich facial mask.
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Welcome to the Engelberth Research Group

We focus on the recovery of valuable co-products from biological sources, either pre or post processing.  Along with product recovery, we also explore the design of the recovery process in order to obtain an economic analysis of the process to determine the value of the co-product.  The overall goal of the Engelberth Research Group is to identify and characterize additional products from the conversion of biomass into liquid fuels and to determine how much additional revenue the products will contribute to the biorefinery.