University Program

The success of the EPICS model at Purdue University resulted in the creation of the EPICS University Program in 1999. Purdue serves as the National EPICS Headquarters. Currently, there are twenty-three universities in the EPICS University Program:



The Goals of the EPICS University Program are to:

  • Disseminate the EPICS model of design and service learning
  • Provide a Support structure for individual EPICS programs through:
    • Resources for faculty starting and developing programs
    • Sharing of best-practices amongst EPICS faculty
    • Templates of materials and documents
  • Create a network or community of faculty, students and local community members
  • Collaborate for funding of multiple programs and/or initiatives
  • Share resources
    • Unique capabilities of programs
    • Leverage resources of local programs
  • National Impact
    • Collaboration between programs
    • National-scale projects
  • Data Collection and Assessment