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Welcome to your one-stop destination for all things EPICS. The links below are your connection know what you need to get done, and to find the resources to get to it. Let's get to work changing our community.

This Week in EPICS

  • 2019/11/14 - None assigned
Skill Sessions
  • 2019/11/15 - Introduction to Solidworks - III - ARMS 1095
  • 2019/12/01 - 2 PDH Credit Outside Activity - ARMS
Individual Assignments
  • 2019/12/06 - Notebook Review - ARMS
  • 2019/12/06 - Peer Evaluation - myEPICS
  • 2019/12/06 - Final Reflection - TA
  • 2019/12/06 - Course Evaluations - online
Team Assignments
  • 2019/11/15 - Delivery Checklist (ONLY if Delivering Project) - Partner site
  • 2019/11/17 - Design Document - Sharepoint
  • 2019/11/22 - Final Design Review - Lab

Featured Team:

BME - Biomedical Engineering

WilliPlays is working with an energetic 4-year old from Westfield, Indiana, who is missing his right arm after the elbow, to create a cardholder prosthetic attachment.

WilliRides is creating a prosthetic attachment for 4-year old that functions as a bike attachment to give him better control when riding a bike.

AutoCPR is working with doctors at Axxis Hospital in Quito, Ecuador to create a low-cost automatic CPR device.

Flappy Boiler is working with Imagination Station to create a museum exhibit that shows how EMG signals work by using them to control a train in a game similar to Flappybird.