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Welcome to your one-stop destination for all things EPICS. The links below are your connection know what you need to get done, and to find the resources to get to it. Let's get to work changing our community.

This Week in EPICS

  • 2020/08/06 - None assigned
Skill Sessions
  • 2020/08/06 - None assigned
Individual Assignments
  • 2020/08/06 - None assigned
Team Assignments
  • 2020/08/06 - None assigned

Featured: Summer at EPICS

Welcome to all returning and new students!

  • Summer semester starts on June 15.

  • Per Purdue recommendations, classes will continue in online mode.

  • Lab meetings will be conducted through web conferencing.

  • All coursework will continue as described in the syllabus, including weekly notebooking.

  • Design reviews will be conducted remotely through GoToMeeting.

  • Project partner visits are restricted.

  • For more information, periodically check Purdue Protect Update.