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EPICS @ Purdue

Welcome to your one-stop destination for all things EPICS. The links below are your connection know what you need to get done, and to find the resources to get to it. Let's get to work changing our community.

This Week in EPICS

  • 2019/05/21 - None assigned
Skill Sessions
  • 2019/05/21 - None assigned
Individual Assignments
  • 2019/05/21 - None assigned
Team Assignments
  • 2019/05/21 - None assigned

Program News

PAWS - Pets in Action With Shelters

Team PAWS is working with the local no kill animal shelter, Almost Home Humane Society, located in Lafayette, IN. Our team’s priority is to develop solutions to help the shelter maintain its mission more efficiently. We want to provide the shelter with tools and processes that will allow them to increase their productivity and make their volunteers’ jobs easier.