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This Week in EPICS

  • 2017/07/26 - None assigned
Skill Sessions
  • 2017/08/29 - Project Managers Meeting - WALC 3121
  • 2017/09/12 - Project Managers Meeting - WALC 3121
  • 2017/09/26 - Project Managers Meeting - WALC 3121
  • 2017/10/17 - Project Managers Meeting - WALC 3121
Individual Assignments
  • 2017/08/04 - Final Reflection
Team Assignments
  • 2017/07/28 - Design Document

Program News

Ecuador Team Featured on Local News

The EPICS ecuador team was featured recently on the local news station WLFI. The team, which is sponsored by Bechtel and the Edward and Wanda Jordan Family Foundation, is planning and building an education center in Lumbisí, Ecuador. The educational center will feature classrooms and a library to help provide needed resources in the Ecuadorian community. WLFI quoted the team's project manager, Charlie Steens, “It’s been a wonderful impact on my life, I feel like it finally gives me a driven purpose here at Purdue University. It’s really something you can take ahold of by the reigns.” Several members of the team spent the winter break visiting their community partner and making progress on the project on-site in Lumbisi. They are now actively fundraising to finance the construction of the center.

The Ecuador team's crowdfunding site can be found at: https://crowdfunding.purdue.edu/project/5481.

The story on WLFI can be found at: http://wlfi.com/2017/02/19/purdue-student-project-makes-impact-in-south-america/