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EPICS @ Purdue

Welcome to your one-stop destination for all things EPICS. The links below are your connection know what you need to get done, and to find the resources to get to it. Let's get to work changing our community.

This Week in EPICS

  • 2020/01/27 - None assigned
Skill Sessions
  • 2020/01/27 - Basic web development using WIX - ARMS 1095
  • 2020/01/28 - Modelling (Natural Resources) - ARMS 1098 B
  • 2020/01/28 - How to Develop learning goals for Education projects - ARMS B071
  • 2020/01/28 - Manufacturing 101 - ARMS 1095
Individual Assignments
  • 2020/01/27 - None assigned
Team Assignments
  • 2020/01/27 - None assigned

Featured Team:

CAR - Creating Accessible Racing

The goal of the car team is to develop a modified vehicle that allows children with disabilities to safely enjoy the thrill of racing. This is accomplished by adding a secondary steering wheel with a clutch-based override that allows control of the vehicle to be given to the child at the discretion of a supervising adult with their own steering wheel.

The team is developing a set of instructions with their design with the intent that a parent could install this mechanism on an off-the-shelf go-kart with basic tools. They are also seeking partnerships to establish an event at the Grand Prix racetrack for local children to use their kart.