Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council

The Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council provides guidance and support to the School of Engineering Education toward reaching its broad strategic goals and achieving new levels of excellence in the First-Year Engineering Program, undergraduate and graduate programs, scholarly research, and P-12 engineering research and learning. The Engineering Education Industrial Advisory Council was formed in 1997.


Council members comprise practicing engineers, engineering managers, and engineering executives, representing a cross-section of companies and interests in engineering in general, and in engineering education in particular. Membership is at the invitation of the school head. Members are both alumni and non-alumni of the Purdue College of Engineering.


The work of the council focuses on the school's issues, directions, future, and how they impact and are impacted by the industry. Meetings are structured somewhat like a brainstorming session. Presentations by ENE faculty and staff provide an overview of various topics and are followed by break-out sessions designed to generate ideas and action items.

The council meets in the spring and fall on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. An optional panel discussion is held the evening prior to the meeting and offers an opportunity for council members to share their experience and advice with a select group of students.