[ESW] ESW Meeting Recap + Upcoming Events

Calvin Holic cholic at purdue.edu
Thu Sep 12 11:39:58 EDT 2013


Thanks to everyone who came out to our first meeting on Monday! We really
loved the interest and energy everyone had to get involved.

First I'd like to highlight our upcoming events:

   - *Friday, Sept. 13* -- *A New Energy Future*
      - The Purdue Institute for Civic Communication is hosting a forum
      entitled *"A New Energy Future"* in *Loeb Hall*, starting at *1:30PM*.
      There's more info in the attached PDF -- it sounds really cool!
Some of the
      ESW officers will be going, so if you're interested in meeting up to go
      together, send me an email!
   - *Sunday, Sept. 15* -- *Noms and Games* --
      - Meet at the *intramural fields* across from Shreve at *4PM*. Bring
      a Frisbee, soccer ball, baseball, or whatever fun things you have in your
      room and come hang out and play games with us! Afterwards, we'll
carpool to
      get food. For all you living in dorms, it's a Sunday night! In
case of bad
      weather, we'll move into the co-rec and snag a gym to play in.
   - *Monday, Sept. 16* --* Webinar and Resume/Interview Workshop*
      - We will be meeting at *6:30PM* in *ME 1051* to have a short
      workshop on resumes and interviews for some last-minute IR prep! At 7PM,
      ESW National has a webinar on project management, so we'll watch
that once
      it starts up too. We'll have popcorn!

For those of you who missed the meeting, you can see the attached
PowerPoint from the meeting, and I've highlighted our current projects
below. If you have any questions about the projects, feel free to contact
the appropriate person listed.

   - *Sustainable Lifestyle*
      - *Idea:* Promoting a variety of sustainable practices in everyday
      - *Type:* Primarily Education/Outreach oriented
      - *Contact:* Emilie Garnier, egarnier at purdue.edu
   - *Autoswitch*
      - *Idea:* Create a small embedded device to control a power outlet or
      power strip. Will be based off of connecting to smartphones.
      - *Type: *Primarily technically oriented
      - *Contact: *Calvin Holic, cholic at purdue.edu
   - *Bike-powered Charging Station*
      - *Idea:* Use an exercise bike to generate electricity and power or
      charge electronic devices.
      - *Type: *Primarily technically oriented
      - *Contact:* Allen Glass, glassa at purdue.edu
   - *Solar Charging Station*
      - *Idea:* Create a solar panel-based cell phone/laptop charging
      station to be put on campus for student use.
      - *Type: *Both technically oriented and policy oriented (we will have
      to work with university facilities to try an implementation)
      - *Contact:* Sydney Barnett, sbarnet at purdue.edu
   - *Biodiesel*
      - *Idea:* Partner with local restaurants and on-campus facilities to
      create and use biodiesel at Purdue.
      - *Type: *Technical, policy, and outreach oriented.
      - *Contact:* Sydney Barnett, sbarnet at purdue.edu

Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

*Calvin Holic*
Computer Engineering MS/PhD Student
Purdue University
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