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Yearly forums are held to discuss topics related to the research and development of particulate processes.

The next forum, Material Characterization Forum (MCF), is set to occur in August 2020, more details below.

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Material Characterization Forum (MCF) 2020, a CP3 Forum

Material characterization is essential for determining raw material and product quality, controlling manufacturing processes, and making accurate model predictions of process and product performance. Significant progress has been made in recent years toward developing on-line, at-line, and off-line techniques for measuring the characteristics of particulate materials and particle-based products. In addition, model developers have been developing methods for directly measuring or calibrating model input parameters.

The aim of the MCF 2020 is to bring together a select group of practitioners and researchers from industry, government laboratories, and academia to present and discuss recent developments focused on the characterization of particulate materials and particulate-based products. The areas of emphasis for this Forum include characterization for supporting process control and product performance, as well as characterizing parameters for models supporting these topics.

The Program

Monday, August 10: Pre-conference workshop on ?Material Characterization Training Session?
Tuesday and Wednesday, August 10/11: Scientific conference
Thursday, August 12: Post-conference symposium (topic TBA)

Blending and Segregation Forum 2019

Powders and particles are everywhere -- from the food we eat, to our laundry detergent, to the pharmaceutical tablets we take. But they can also be a great mystery.

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Scientific Committee

  • Marcial Gonzalez, Chair — Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University
  • Yi Fan — Associate Research Scientist, Dow Chemical Company
  • Aaron Morris — Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
  • Maitraye Sen — Associate Sr. Consultant Engineer, Eli Lilly and Company

Keynote Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Title
John Hecht Procter and Gamble What we still need to eradicate powder segregation in industrial processes
Richard Lueptow Northwestern Predicting particle segregation in industrial granular flows
Carl Wassgren Purdue University Contact spreading of liquid between particles in mixed granular systems
Jennifer Sinclair Curtis UC Davis Using DEM to develop constitutive models for CFD simulations of particulate flows
Anthony Thornton University of Twente Multiscale modelling of industrial granular materials

Other Speakers

  • Jie Ren
  • Zhekai Deng
  • Parind Desai
  • Tom Baxter
  • Rohit Ramachandran
  • Manogna Adepu
  • Ben Freireich
  • Kerry Johanson
  • Thomas Weinhart
  • Chen Mao
  • Yu Liu
  • William Ketterhagen
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Michael Gentzler
  • Hongyang Cheng
  • Paul Mort
  • Siying Liu
  • Danial Mateo-Ortiz
  • Ivan Christov
  • Wyatt Roth