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Pratt & Whitney and NPO Energomash


The RD-180 is a double version of the NPO-EM's RD-170, which powers the Russian Zenit launch vehicle. The RD-180 has 70% parts commonality with the RD-170. Changes include new turbopumps and boost pumps. RD-180
Engine statistics
Applications Atlas IIAR
Propellants LOX/kerosene
Thrust in Vacuum 933,000 lb
Thrust at Sea Level 860,400
Isp in vacuum(s) ????
Isp at sea level 311 sec
Mixture Ratio 2.6:1
Weight 11675 lb
Chamber Pressure 3734 psia
Area Ratio 36.4:1
Engine Cycle ????
Pump Design Pressures ????