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Allied Signal


The 731 has been in production since 1972, and has powered 20 varieties of air- craft, mostly business jets. Here we present the models with the least and most thrust, though there is a range in between. It has a single-stage fan, a 4-stage axial compressor, and a centrifugal high-pressure compressor. TFE731-20, -40, -60
Engine statistics
Specification -2 -60
Application Business Jets
T/O Thrust 3500 lb 5000 lb
T/O SFC 0.493 lb/hr/lb 0.405
Cruise Thrust 755 lb 1120 lb
Cruise SFC 0.790 lb/hr/lb 0.679
Bypass Ratio
Pressure Ratio 13 22
Length 49.7 in 72 in
Dia 39.4 42.4
Weight 734 lb 988 lb