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General Electric


GE's own webpage for the CF34 is the most complete in terms of data which we have found. All the specs we present here and more can be found there.

Like any engine that's been around for a while, the 34 has quite a few models. We present data for the earliest and smallest, as well as the newest and largest. CF34-8C1
Engine statistics
Specification -1A -8C1
Application Regional and large business jets
T/O Thrust 8650 lb 12,670 lb
T/O SFC 0.360 lb/hr/lb 0.385
Cruise Thrust
Cruise SFC 0.712 lb/hr/lb 0.655
Bypass Ratio 6.2 5
Pressure Ratio 14 16.5
Length 103 in 128.5 in
Dia 49 in 52 in
Weight 1625 lb 2335 lb