Srinivas Peeta
Srinivas Peeta
Dr. Srinivas Peeta
Jack and Kay Hockema Professor in Civil Engineering, Purdue University
Director, NEXTRANS Center
CE Office:HAMP G175C, 550 Stadium Mall Drive,
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

NEXTRANS:B2-110, 3000 Kent Avenue,
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone:(765) 494-2209

Dr. Srinivas Peeta is a Professor of Civil Engineering in the Transportation and Infrastructure Systems group at Purdue University. He is the Director of the NEXTRANS Center, the USDOT Region 5 University Transportation Center. His research interests are multidisciplinary, span several methodological domains, and include among others:

  • Modeling and analysis of the dynamics of large-scale transportation systems
  • Modeling and methodologies to address interdependencies among infrastructure systems
  • Real-time information-based navigation in vehicular traffic networks
  • Modeling human behavior/learning associated with drivers/travelers
  • Integrated supply-demand-performance models for strategic planning and real-time operations for various applications
  • Understanding linkages between transportation, energy and environment
  • Modeling policy options that impact transportation system evolution
  • Systems and system-of-systems perspectives to address complex adaptive systems (ranging from engineered systems to human enterprise systems)
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles

Podium presenation and poster presentation at 21st International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory at Kobe, Japan.

University in Chongqing, China welcomes Dr. Srinivas Peeta as Honorary Guest Professor.
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TRB AT045 Intermodal Freight Award (2015); awarded for the paper "Rail-Truck Multimodal Freight Collaboration: A Statistical Analysis of Freight Shipper Perspectives," by Guo, Y. Peeta, S. and Mannering, F. Read more..

The National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management (NCTSPM) at Georgia Tech invited Dr. Srinivas Peeta as a speaker at their Transportation Speaker Series. Read more..

Paper recognized as being among the top three papers of the IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain. Read more..