Air Emissions Research

A. Summary of Projects

B. List of Purdue Papers on Emissions

C. Journal Articles

  1. Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emission from Two Pig Finishing Barns (Ni, Heber, Lim, Tao, Schmidt) 2008.
  2. Field Tests of a Particulate Impaction Curtain on Emissions from a High-Rise Layer Barn (Lim, Sun, Ni, et al.). 2007.
  3. Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Particulate Matter Concentrations (Heber, Lim, Ni, et al.). 2006.
  4. Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Gas Concentrations (Heber, Ni, Lim, et al.). 2006.
  5. Effects of Room Ozonation on Air Quality and Pig Performance (Elenbaas, Zhao, et al.) 2005.
  6. Comparison of Direct vs. Indirect Ventilation Rate Determinations in Layer Barns using Manure Belts (Li, Xin, Liang, Gates, Wheeler, Heber). 2005.
  7. Influences on Air Quality and Odor from Mechanically Ventilated Swine Finishing Buildings in Illinois (Miller, Maghirang, Riskowski, Heber, et al.). 2004.
  8. Effects of Manure Removal Strategies on Odor and Gas Emission from Swine Finishing (Lim, Heber, Ni, Kendall, Richert). 2004.
  9. Odor Management in Swine Finishing Operations: Cost Effectiveness (Huang, Miller, et al.). 2004.
  10. A Review of Ammonia Emissions from Confined Swine Feeding Operations (Arogo, Westerman, Heber). 2003.
  11. Odor and Gas Release from Anaerobic Treatment Lagoons for Swine Manure (Lim, Heber, Ni, et al.). 2003.
  12. Effects of High-Oil Corn and Soybean Oil Additives on Dustiness of Ground Corn and Feed (Heber). 2002.
  13. Hydrogen Sulphide Emission from Two Large Pig-Finishing Buildings with Long-Term High-Frequency Measurements (Ni, Heber, Lim, et al.). 2002.
  14. Summertime Concentrations and Emissions of Hydrogen Sulfide at a Mechanically Ventilated Swine Finishing Building (Ni, Heber, Diehl, et al.). 2002.
  15. Characteristics of Hydrogen Sulphide Concentrations in Mechanically Ventilated Swine Buildings (Ni, Heber, Diehl, et al.). 2002.
  16. Odor Flux Measurements at a Facultative Swine Lagoon Stratified by Surface Aeration (Heber, Ni, Lim). 2002.
  17. Air Quality and Emission Measurement Methodology at Swine Finishing Buildings (Heber, Ni, Haymore, Duggirala, Keener). 2001.
  18. Characteristics and Emission Rates of Odor from Commercial Swine Nurseries (Lim, Heber, Ni, Sutton, Kelly). 2001.
  19. Effect of a Manure Additive on Ammonia Emission from Swine Finishing Buildings (Heber, Ni, Lim, et al.). 2000.
  20. Ammonia Emission from a Large Mechanically-Ventilated Swine Building during Warm Weather (Ni, Heber, Lim, et al.). 2000.
  21. Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and Carbon Dioxide Release from Pig Manure in Under-Floor Deep Pits (Ni, Heber, Diehl, Lim). 2000.
  22. Comparison Between Low-End Discrete and High-End Continuous Measurements of Air Quality in Swine Buildings (Parbst, Keener, Heber, Ni). 2000.
  23. Distribution and Quantification of Bioaerosols in Poultry-Slaughtering Plants (Lutgring, Linton, Zimmerman, Peugh, Heber). 1997.
  24. Air Patterns and Turbulence in an Experimental Livestock Building (Heber, Boon, Peugh). 1996.
  25. Influence of Environmental Factors on Concentration and Inorganic Content of Aerial Dust in Swine Finishing Buildings (Heber, Stroik, Nelssen, Nichols). 1988.
  26. Size Distribution and Identification of Aerial Dust Particles in Swine Finishing Buildings (Heber, Stroik, Faubion, Willard). 1988.
  27. Effects of Additives on Aerodynamic Segregation of Dust from Swine Feed (Heber, Martin). 1988.

D. Conference Papers

  1. Air Emissions from Two Swine Finishing Building with Flushing: Ammonia Characteristics (Heber, Tao, Ni, Lim, Schmidt) (PowerPoint) (pdf). 2005.
  2. A Low-Cost Technique to Monitor Ventilation Fan Operation at Animal Buildings (Ni, Heber, Lim, Diehl). 2005.
  3. Control of Air Emissions from Swine Finishing Buildings Flushed with Recycled Lagoon Effluent (Heber, Lim, Tao, Ni). 2004.
  4. Air Quality Measurements at a Laying Hen House: Ammonia Concentrations and Emissions (Lim, Heber, Ni). 2004.
  5. Air Quality Measurements at a Laying Hen House: Experimental Methods (Heber, Ni, Lim) (PowerPoint). 2003.
  6. Air Quality Measurements at a Laying Hen House: Particulate Matter Concentrations and Emissions (PowerPoint) (Lim, Heber, Ni, et al.). 2003.
  7. Air Quality Measurements at a Laying Hen House: Odor and Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions (Lim, Heber, Ni). 2003.
  8. Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Part 1. Gas Concentrations (Heber, Ni, Lim, Tao, et al.). (PowerPoint). 2002.
  9. Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Part 2. Particulate Matter Concentrations (Heber, Lim, et al.). 2002.
  10. Sampling and Measurement of Ammonia Concentration at Animal Facilities - A Review (Ni, Heber). 2001.
  11. Mechanism of Gas Release from Liquid Swine Wastes (Ni, Heber, Kelly, Sutton). 2001.

E. Presentations

  1. " What's Next After Signing the U. S. EPA's Air Quality Compliance Consent Agreement & How Will the Study Determine Air Emission from Animal Facilities?" Indiana-Ohio Farm Bureau Livestock Trends & Issues Conference, Ft. Wayne, IN, September 6, 2005. (pdf)
  2. Seminar presented at the Ag Dean's Team Award Ceremony on May 10, 2005. "Agricultural Air Quality: Challenges and Opportunities."
  3. Research, Progress and Regulatory Programs for Odor and Air Quality from Intensive Livestock and Feeding Operations in America. Seminar to Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Technion - IIT, Jaifa, Israel, November 8, 2004. (PowerPoint) (pdf)
  4. " Layer Facility Emissions," (pdf) Texas Commercial Egg Clinic, Bryan, TX, May 13, 2004.
  5. Envir04, Sydney, Australia
    1. - Intensive Livestock Odour Workshop, (narration) March 28, 2004.
    2. - Open Path Methods, March 30, 2004.
  6. Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PowerPoint) (Heber), March 18, 2004.
  7. NRCS Building Emissions Measurements, NRCS Air Quality Group, November 18, 2003.
  8. Building Emission Measurement Solutions (Heber). 2003.
  9. Building Emission Measurement Part A, Part B (Heber). 2003.
  10. Livestock Building Emissions Measurement Public Statements (Heber). 2003.
  11. How to Conduct the Air Monitoring Study: Practical and Scientific Issues (Heber)(PowerPoint). 2003.
  12. A Buoyant Convective Flux Chamber for Measuring Liquid Surface Emissions (Heber, Lim, Ni, Fakhoury). 2000.

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